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...let's talk about the power of

...let's talk about the power of


Here's the thing. We cannot simply think ourselves out from our emotions. The body quite literally keeps the score and all of our past experiences, traumas and stuck emotions have been stored in there. The stories and beliefs that you needed to come up with to make sense of the world are held in there. The keys to connect to your inner wisdom, truth and guidance are kept in there.

But it requires a felt sense of safety and somatic connection between the mind and the body to access this deeper knowing. To face, feel and free the old stored away emotions & energies that are long overdue of being dragged along. To extract the wisdom and let them go.

-- inserting somatic work --

The reason why we cannot white knuckle ourselves out from these stuck points and just "think positive" to override the patterns we seem to recreate on a daily basis, resides in the fact that our subconcious holds more than 85% of the power over what are we calling into our life and what experiences we seem to go through again and again. We need to access the subconcious. Yes, thinking positive and sticking inspirational quotes on your bathroom mirror is powerful stuff. But one that will only get you so far.

The logic & rational (positive) thinking is available to us when our nervous system is in a calm, regulated state. When we are being met with our (deepest, darkest, unwanted) triggers, the logic flies out the window. That's because the trigger (that is happening in the body) is overriding the calm, logical presence (that is located in our prefrontal cortex aka in our mind).

To truly access the subconcious and create powerful shifts in your life, you have to include the BODY into the equation. We have to bring calmness to the inside, so it can hold the outside. You consist of three powerful parts - body, mind, and spirit. We want & need to include all of them. To successfully integrate all the wisdom and desires you hold inside of yourself, we have to find a way to accept and befriend ALL that you are. The only way OUT is IN. It's the mind-body-soul connection that matters. And somatics hold an important key to that connection.

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Gerly is a somatic coach who is dedicated in guiding people back to their bodies.

She's on a mission to help people see their true authentic essence and accept all parts of their wholeness, so they can unlock the magic & potential that they have come here to fulfill. She feels called to work with people who have a desire to turn their inner spark into powerful, sacred fire.

In her work, she uses holistic techniques that focus on the mind-body connection to help her clients integrate their traumas and past experiences into growth & wisdom, and become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. This includes modalities such as inner child work, energetics, mindfulness, nervous system regulation, and other somatic practices, which involve exploring and healing past traumas & beliefs that are stored in the body.

Gerly's approach as a certified trauma-informed coach is to create a safe and supportive environment for her clients, where they can explore their experiences and emotions in a loving, non-judgmental way.

Through her work, Gerly helps her clients develop a greater understanding of the root causes of their traumas, and release any stored emotions or sensations that may have been keeping them stuck. This enables them to live more fully in the present moment with greater self-awareness, self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

She is a guide, a healer, and a cosmic soul, but above all, she is a curious student of life. And she invites you to join her on this magical exploration and powerful journey within.

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